BENU Pharmacy

The BENU pharmacy network is the largest pharmacy chain in continental Europe. Within Slovakia, there are 70 brick-and-mortar shops in which you can find a wide range of drugs and medicines.

  • to share a marketing message to the largest audience as quickly as possible

  • to target only those who have already visited the client's site and reach them on other premium slovak websites


Campaigns ready in three simple steps

Preparing a multi-dimensional banner campaign in Alvolia was a matter of three simple steps. Within them, we had the ability to set campaign targeting, budget, UTM tagging, and more.

Creative rotation for better engagement rate

The long-term campaign was to offer free shipping for an entire year. The campaign lasted for several months and we regularly rebuilt creatives as the user became accustomed to the visual experience.

Seasonal campaigns set and running within a few hours

Other campaign types were seasonal campaigns that promoted specific product segments for a short period of time.


Seasonal campaigns set and running within a few hours

Do you want to be able to run a campaign this afternoon using the crative that you made up this morning? Alvolia can handle it for you.

On top of that, your ads can be placed on the websites of the biggest news and media companies in the world.

  • showing new ads to users within hours of receiving the visuals from the creative agency
  • reducing banner blindness by regularly modulating the visuals

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