Bory Real Estate

Bory Real Estate is a project of one of the biggest Slovak property developers - Penta Real Estate. Penta Real Estate has been operating on the Slovak Market since 2005 and among the other things, they’re behind projects like the Digital Park, Bory Mall, Rosum, Sky Park, and Rezidencia pri Mýte.

  • to display to those who are near the well known landmarks in Bratislava the mobile version of the banner including the distance of the apartment from their current location

  • to display a banner to those who are browsing real estate portals for apartments with the price and exact number of rooms they’re searching for

  • to promote the benefits of living in Bory Housing to those who didn’t find the particular apartment they were looking for on the Bory Housing website and to promote different benefits to male and female visitors

  • to promote different benefits to the male and the female audience


400 combinations of banner ad content

The initial challenge was to prepare ads for all possible content combinations.

  • banner resolution
  • a sample of the apartment (exterior, interior, equipment)
  • a pictogram
  • the number of rooms in the apartment
  • the distance from well known landmarks

We were able to generate an ad for each combination resulting in around 400 different banner ads.

Ads adjusted to the customers location

The client provided us with a list of twenty landmark locations within Bratislava and their distance from Bory. For people who, according to an individual’s GPS coordinates were currently allocated near these landmarks, we then displayed the corresponding mobile banners based on this list, showing the proximity of the property to such landmarks.

Apartment rooms number in ads adjusted to the customer's preferences

At selected real estate portals, we divided the search results into categories based on the number of rooms that were searched for. In the banners, we placed the price of the cheapest apartment in the category and updated the banners regularly.

Ads adjusted to the customer's interests

If we targeted the user on the Bory Housing project website, but they didn’t visit a particular apartment type, we encouraged them to re-visit the web site by highlighting the location benefits that were related to the content they viewed on other websites.


Retargeting + Prospecting

We've tested all the suggested personalization types and by continuous optimization, have settled on four types that worked the best:

  • Retargeting + displaying an ad with the number of bedrooms according to what types of apartments the user browsed on the project web site (e.g. - was interested in 3 bedrooms apt.)
    17% CTR increase
  • Retargeting + displaying an ad with the number of bedrooms or thematic focus according to the content of the web site the user is viewing (e.g. - cycling path)
    21% CTR increase
  • Prospecting + displaying an ad within a distance of the GPS coordinates of the place where the ad is displayed (e.g. 30m from the SNP bridge)
    40% CTR increase
  • Prospecting + advertising of an apartment with a specific number of rooms according to the content of the page being browsed by user (e.g. - filter of 2-room apartments)
    75% CTR growth

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