DAREX is one of the biggest car dealerships in Slovakia with a history dating back to the year 2000. On a regular basis, it’s possible to find around 400 used vehicles in one sales area. They provide the widest warranty system on the market - GARANT +

  • to improve customer website navigation

  • to make it easier for the customer to search for relevant products

  • to show the customers more than just what they’re looking for and to keep them on the client's site longer

  • to mirror the aforementioned benefits to the mobile version of the site


Automated product recommendations based on the XML data feed

We uploaded the XML feed to the tool with the vehicles offered, and based on the parameters of the individual vehicles, we created rules that look for similarities between them.

Real-time preview

While setting the rules, we examined how the recommendation for the specific vehicles behaves in real time.

Deployed with single script

The site visitor then sees a pop-up notification with recommendations for similar vehicles.

Mobile version

In order to keep the notification from covering up important information, we could only allow it to appear on screens larger than 1600 pixels. But since the number of site visitors that are viewing through the mobile device is growing rapidly, we had to come up with an intuitive, undistorted and sufficiently distinct mobile version too.


88% increase in conversion rate

We have gradualy deployed the desktop and the mobile version of notification with recommendations. Subsequently, we compared the behaviour of the visitors that have seen the notification to the behaviour of the control group that hasn't seen the notification. We ended up with following results:

  • The average increase of time spent on the page:

    Desktop: 22% Mobile: 84%
  • The decrease in bounce rate:

    Desktop: 8% Mobile: 42%
  • The increased conversion rate:

    Desktop: 53% Mobile: 88%

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