Fontech is one of the websites of the Startitup group, which is profiled as the "fastest growing technology portal in Slovakia". Every day, approximately 17,000 users visit this portal, and on its e-shop, you can find a great selection of Chinese gadgets and electronics from various brands.

  • to increase the number of orders from the e-shop during Cyber Monday by offering discount coupons

  • to simplify a customer’s journey to a particular device by displaying a specific discount code that included a link to that device’s page while the customer is reading an article about it

  • displaying devices users have read about or had seen in remarketing campaigns


New banners every hour

During Cyber Monday, the client’s stock was changing very quickly. Product availability data was sent to us as an XML feed, and we recalculated the number of available products every hour and generated new banners.

Discount coupons for devices from article being read

In the articles on the site, we identified the devices or their manufacturers at each visit, and showed the most relevant notification from the e-shop.


Advertising related to the content of the article being read

This is the way how you can target customers in the stage when they want to obtain more information about product or they came to the conclusion that the product is worth buying.

We can adjust content of the pop-up notification on your website or a banner ad anywhere on the World Wide Web to the content of the site where it is placed.

  • We created advertising related to the content that was just read
  • It's a way to effectively reach a customer at a stage when they want to get more information about the product or they’ve just been convinced that the product is a good purchase.
  • We can customize pop-up notifications on your site, but also advertise anywhere on the web.

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