O2 is one of the five mobile operators in Slovakia, entering our market in 2007. In 2018, they provided their service to approximately two million Slovak consumers.

  • to send the message that people could get 5GB of mobile data for free

  • to only target mobile devices that are located around brick-and-mortar shops

  • to target more expensive mobile devices on the assumption that their owners have a higher consumption of mobile data and the benefit would be more appealing to them

  • to reach out only people who are connected to the Internet from O2’s competitor’s mobile networks


Banner set for every brick-and-mortar shop

The client provided us with the addresses of their brick-and-mortar shops together with their GPS coordinates in the form of a spreadsheet document. Based on this document, we generated banner sets for every resolution and shop.

Excluding of client's IP addresses

The first thing we did at Alvolia was exclude O2 IP addresses from targeting.

Targeting to premium devices

Then, we selected device models that the client specified. We only displayed the ad to users whose device was on the list.

Campaign optimization during the runtime

With these settings, we were able to monitor the real-time campaign progress, optimize targeting and bidding, and send reports to the client on a weekly basis. These can include everything from how to pace your marketing budget to the evaluation of the domains with the highest CTR.


62% increase in CTR in comparison with non-personalized ads

Targeting specific devices did not deliver enough impressions, so we dropped them during the campaign. However, after tuning the clickthrough of the banner formats across domains, we achieved the following results:

  • 62% increase in CTR in comparison with non-personalized ads
  • 221 000 individual targeted users
  • 286 000 ad impressions in 16 days

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