YIT is a multinational construction and development company. The YIT story began in 1912 when the first branch opened in Finland. YIT Slovakia has completed the residential complexes TAMMI in Dúbravka, NUPPU in Ružinov, STEIN2 in Old Town and the apartment complex PARI in Ružinov.

  • to reach people that’ve seen any one of the offered apartments and to make so on the websites of premium slovak media

  • to tailor a custom made offer to every visitor

  • to be able to create a personalized experience even for those who have seen only a single apartment detail page


28 000 banner ad content combinations

The biggest challenge was to prepare ads for all possible content combinations. There were these variables in the banners

  • the banner dimensions
  • the name of the product and the background color
  • the slogan
  • the number of bedrooms
  • the target buyer (single person, couple, family)
  • a sample of the apartment (interior, exterior, equipment)

We were able to generate an ad for each combination which resulted in around 28 000 individual banner ads.

Deployed with single script

The only thing the client had to do on their own site was adding a tracking script. Since then, we've been able to target the ad to a specific user and also show tailored pop-up notifications on the client's site.

Specific notification for every apartment

Pop-up notifications served to highlight the benefits of living in individual YIT projects. The script recognized each particular flat and only displayed notifications that were relevant to it. For example, the view of the Malé Karpaty was only advertised for the apartments that actually had that view.


475 000 real users addressed within 5 weeks

We were gradualy narrowing the amount of proper creatives by profiling of every single user. Subsequentialy, we showed them those variants until we found out which works best for them.

  • the ad was shown to 475 000 individual users within five weeks
  • there was a tenfold increase in CTR in a control sample showing the generic banner of the project to people no matter what they were interested in
  • a 50% increase in session duration per cookie by showing pop-up notifications

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