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Media campaigns on the go

Our priority is to deliver media campaigns that can be set up within a few minutes through our app’s interface or with a little bit of help from our customer support. If your banners haven’t been created yet, it would be our pleasure to prepare them for you.

24/7 campaign management in the web interface

You can run your campaigns immediately after you set them up in the interface, right after they’re approved by the advertising network. But these are not the only benefits. You can also generate instant reports for your clients by yourself as well as optimize the settings of your campaigns in real time, without the need to contact us.

Unified ad design on all channels

Our retargeting ads look as good as those in your brand campaigns. We recommend the same products to the customers on your site as we do to those in retargeting. We’ll use the data you have about your website visitors in order to build your target audience in the largest media portals.

Development of custom advertising functionality

Take advantage of our team of software engineers and turn us into your ad development lab. We have extensive experience in adtech solutions development, and in addition to 100% functionality, we’ll provide you with our own ideas and recommendations.

We are based in Central Europe,
fully compliant with GDPR, and our customer support is ready to handle your requests in English.

What our tools can do for you:

Brand campaigns and programmatic media buying

Without a minimum monthly requirement

We’ll let you run a campaign of any size - small or large.

Before we launch the campaign, we'll give you our recommendations for budget and targeting to help you achieve your desired results.

Transparent buying

Integration with advertising networks such as Google Authorized Buyers, The Rubicon Project, and Ströer SSP.

At first, you’ll be asked to describe your target group, and based on this, we’ll find the optimal CPT in the ad networks, and balance it within the budgeted cost to deliver your desired number of impressions.

Once you've started your campaign, you can keep track of how close it is to its goal, adjusting its settings and targeting in real-time.

Any time during the campaign, you can generate a performance report consisting of your own metrics, which you can immediately send to your client.

No entry costs whatsoever

Anyone can sign up at and run their campaigns right after the ad networks approve their creatives.

And while the interface is accessible to the public, you’ll be able to run the real campaign from it right after you’ve made an agreement with us.

Within our agreement, you set up the campaign’s targeting, we find out the CPT that it’ll cost to deliver it and then arrange the payment method.

Case studies



Targeting the store locations and mobile devices

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Bory Real Estate

Bory Real Estate

4 types of personalization

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What our tools can do for you:

Retargeting and product recommendations on the majority of the World Wide Web

Retargeting from a single customer

Forget the minimum remarketing audience size requirements. With the help of our tool, you can promote your products to specific people.

You don’t have to wait until your audience reaches the target size. If you deployed our tracking script prior to the campaign start, we’ll re-calculate the appropriate products for every visitor retrospectively.

You’ll be able to address a person even if they’ve only seen a single page of your website. At that point, you can use a generic offer, show them products similar to those they’ve seen or products seen by similar people.

Customized recommendations thanks to the intuitive interface

We can prepare the best product recommendations based on your industry.

As no one understands your business better than you do, we provide you with a user friendly interface. You can further customize your interfaces until you’re satisfied with the outcome.

You can also select different recommendation strategies for different products and base those recommendations on the similarity of other products or on the users who have seen them.

Get rid of the standard remarketing restrictions

Has the visitor seen only a few products? Enrich the ad with similar products.

Has the visitor browsed any of the product sites? Show them the products that were seen by others who visited similar pages on your website.

Case studies



Advertising based on interest in the project and the type of an apartment

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Benu Lekárne

Benu Pharmacy

Seasonal campaigns set-up within a single day

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What our tools can do for you:

Personalized notifications

Pop-up notifications

We show notifications tailored to the different pages of your site and to users in a large variety of situations.

Our programmers don’t need access to your website’s code to implement pop-ups. The only thing that’s needed is to deploy our tracking script via Google Tag Manager.


In your notifications, you can use the product recommendations you’ve prepared.

Products can be recommended behaviourally, according to user similarity, or contextually, according to product similarity.

Case studies



Notifications pointing to the e-shop according to the context of the article

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Similar products in pop-up notification

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